Review: Prey

I downloaded the Prey demo, because I am a huge fan of alien and space games. I love Alien: Isolation and just anything that deals with space in general. But, sadly I was not too pleased with Prey, though I am not much of a fan of Bethesda games. I’ve played a couple of their games and have not found any of them to be to my liking. Prey is a first person shooter, and you are aboard Talos I and it is the year 2032. Talos is a high-tech space station. You play as Morgan, who has been subject to some very weird tests that we know nothing about yet. There is no one in the space station that we can see besides one person and then you have to do a series of tests, when the people who are administering them, seem to think that something is wrong with you. Which in the demo you do not find out, but you are supposed to have powers which you are not able to use in the beginning of the game. Soon the space ship gets overrun by Typhons which are aliens. They have the ability to hide and change into the objects that are around you. Your only aim is to survive, and kill the aliens on ship.

Before the game is about to start you are able to choose if you want to be a male or female character. That is something that I really liked about the game. I felt that being able to choose your gender was something that you are not able to do with most games, and most games you are typically a man. There are not as many games out there with a strong female lead. So, I loved being able to be a girl character in this game. While I did not play through as a male, I’m not too sure if it makes a difference in the game. But, this is something that I do hope more games will start to do, as more and more females are starting to play video games.


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Throughout the game players are faced with trying to kill the aliens that are onboard with them. You also have a women named January who is helping you throughout the game and she is able to tell you where you need to go. You go throughout the spaceship finding keycards, and trying to find a way out of it. I was assuming the end goal is to be able to get back to Earth in one piece.

The one thing that I hated the most about the demo was the controls. I played it on a PS4, and I just felt like they were very stiff, and it was not smooth like most of the other games that I have played. I’m not sure if they are different on a PC, but I was not a fan of them. I tried to turn up the sensitivity, but it did nothing for me. The graphics were pretty good though. The space station that you are aboard is huge. There are so many rooms that you are able to go into and it is also pretty open world. You are able to go around after you have beat the demo and search for different objects around the ship. I liked that you are able to do that, because many games you just get an ending to the game, and that’s it.

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When you start off in the game, you want to make sure that you’re getting all the health packs that are around you as it is very easy to lose health in the game. Typhons pop up in the game a lot. Also make sure that you keep your wrench handy until you get a gun because like I said, they are everywhere. They can transform into the objects around you, so sometimes you don’t know where they will be. the Typhons do start off pretty small when you see them, but I’m assuming that they end up getting bigger while the game goes on.

So, I thought that the game was pretty good, but not one that I would pre-order or buy right away. I liked some the aspects of the game, especially that it was pretty open world, but that was one of the main reasons that I liked it. If you liked Alien Isolation, this might be the game for you. It had a very Alien Isolation feel to it, which is why I played it to start off with.


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